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About Sand + Sage Boutique

Photo of the owner

Sand + Sage Boutique comes from a burning desire to leave my corporate job. I still work in the medical coding field and have for the last 16 years. I am more of a creative individual with a love of clothing and I had the grand idea for an escape route.... WHY NOT start a clothing boutique?!  This boutique was also inspired by frustrations of shopping both online and in stores. I felt like I had to shop at 10 different stores/boutiques to find pieces that fit my style.  There was not one store that I felt I could go to at anytime and find what I was looking for, whether I was looking for something casual or something more dressy it felt like playing "Where's Waldo" to find items that hit the mark for me and I wondered if maybe I wasn't the only woman out there feeling this way.  So, Sand + Sage Boutique was born...

In my endless hours of online research of building my boutique, one of the big things you are supposed to do is define your style. I have really struggled with this because I feel like your style can change by the day, according to the occasion, your mood, the destination.  I know I have A STYLE but not quite sure there are one or two words that can accurately capture it. So, if you are looking for styles that are a little casual, a little modest, a little sexy, a little athletic, a little country, a little edgy, and a little hippie hopefully I can fill that need!

Now,  I just launched my website in October 2022, so it is still in its infancy, so if you ever have any requests or recommendations please feel free to reach out to me!  You can reach me directly at

Thank you for stopping by Sand + Sage Boutique!

Hey Lady! My name is Kristin, I am the owner of Sand + Sage Boutique. I am a 36 yr old mother of two kiddos, and married to my best friend who always keeps me laughing; as you can see in the photo of my crazy fam. I am from the rural small town of Snowflake, AZ; don't blink or you'll miss it! I love this little town and hope to one day be able to open a brick and mortar on Main St #goals 

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